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Picnic area, picnic tables on the tower, pool, etc. Ticket prices are more than your typical zoo, but very reasonable when you consider the costs of maintaining the animals and the property...and the personal atte...
Fun interactive zoo, enjoyed the animals, the owners and staff very much!!
We've visited many zoos when we travel and 9 out of 10 times our zoo comes out on top!! Children's farm, awesome elephant, tiger, and gorilla exhibits, and a walk through the Tropics jungle building are just some...
Excellent zoo for city our size!! Recommend very highly!!
The VIP pass allows you 2 feedings for the giraffes, 2 feedings for the birds, 4 feedings at the petting zoo, and then you get to pick two other animals from the following: pygmy hippo, ring-tailed lemur, or rhino.
The giraffes were the prettiest I have ever seen and I have been to many zoos, including the famous San Diego zoo (also a great zoo).
The Zoo Wildlife is an adventure there is lots of walking it's all paved kids loved it Great place to have birthday party for the kids
Tons of specimens to look at, computer games to play, animals puppets to make puppet shows, animal books to read up in the tree house and a nice saltwater aquarium.
Lee Richardson Zoo Garden City
Great Zoo with fantastic grounds to stroll if you get hungry the zoo snack bars is inexpensive and tasty
Zoo is free admission, (donation supported) great selections of animals for a small town zoo, but our kids enjoy every time we go
There is both a walk through zoo, as well as a drive through zoo, that the city keep well maintained for year-round viewing.
We are so blessed to have this free zoo and awesome park in our area!
Beautiful small zoo with a great variety of animals and gorgeous landscaping with a wonderful variety of flowers and plants.
Small town Zoo with fabulous local animals.
On a recent field trip, which also included the Flint Hills Discovery Center, I took my grandchildren to the Insect Zoo at K-State University.
You should also visit the KSU gardens located around the zoo!
Sunset Zoo Manhattan
The Sunset Zoo is a compact but comprehensive presentation of exotic and more familiar specimens ranging from beautiful Bengal Tigers to a flock of Peacocks (and Peahens) that roam through the park along with you.
Nicely located and landscaped, it is a perfect visit for families or anyone with an interest in zoos.
It has orangutans, giraffes, gorillas, lions, tigers, mountain lions, black bears, hippo, African and Asian elephants, petting zoo, rain forest, small lake and pond and various other animals and birds It has quite...
For locals looking for an inexpensive family-friendly outing, I highly recommend the Topeka Zoo.
Hutchinson Zoo Hutchinson
Excellent Free Zoo
Some attractions were under renovations but very nice to see animals even closer than other Zoos.
Brit Spaugh Zoo Great Bend
Brit Spaugh Zoo in Great Bend, KS is a wonderful little free zoo.
The animals look happy, the staff is friendly and helpful and there is quite a selection of animals especially since it is a FREE small town zoo.
Dodge City Zoo Dodge City
I always love seeing wolves and was impressed with the variety of animals and obvious dedication of the zoo staff.
We like visiting zoos wherever we vtravel.