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Vilnil. Museum of illusions
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Amber Museum-Gallery
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Town Hall (Rotuse)
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Uzupis Blacksmithery Gallery-Museum
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Atomic KGB Bunker
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Old car museum
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Having spent the day doing cultural and historical museums, we enjoyed this lighthearted attraction.
This was a very unique experience and a nice change for the kids after seeing so many cathedrals and art museums in Europe.
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This is an amazing and free museum that is a cut above most museums of this kind - including the Federal Reserve musea in the USA.
AMAZING! Love this museum!
One of my favorite museums - made up of two parts.
This is an amazing mansion and museum located in an absolutely lovely park with formal gardens, fountains, ponds, sculptures and a great amber gift shop.
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Painstakingly reconstructed, the Trakai island castle is an amazing and massive bit of historical architecture, surrounded by a charming town with great restaurants and other museums and attractions.
Plus there are some small museums on the way, if you are inclined.
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I deeply love history of medicine and pharmacy and this museums is unique: it is very difficult to find around such a well-preserved pharmacy shop with most of ingredients original!
We were given a free tour of museum as part of learning history of Lithuanian pharmacy and Medicine and also the museum is I think run by our university.
The small museum is well laid out, presented nicely in Lithuanian, Japanese, and English, features a short film on the subject, and makes the case that Kaunas was, indeed, "the Casablanca of the North."
This small museum hidden away on a quiet street in Kaunas tells the story of Chiune Sugihara who as Japanese consul in Kaunas issued during a short period in 1940 to 6,000 mostly Polish but also Lithuanian Jews tr...
The 150-+ buildings spread over about 380 acres (195 hectares), making it one of the world’s largest “museums”.
There are little gardens around ethnographic houses and if you visit Museum in June , you can find different sorts of flowers , some plants just starts to grow up... and all it already blossom in July.
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For those who visited aqua themed museums, Lithuanian one will be different because of attention for ships and their elements.
Visited the museum ehich has great history and so much to do ...also done 2 shows which were a great and fantastic dolphin show for 30 mins ....also a sea lion show ... 100% enjoyed and wlould recommend to everybo...
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Best of the Baltic KGB Museums (says our Lithuanian guide..!)
Be careful though most national museums are closed on Mondays. it is so captivating and the feeling of suffering is so strong even when you enter the building.
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Museum is close to downtown and to a few other great museums.
The staff is very friendly and there is even a small but nice shop selling books, postcards and posters of the artist's work - on a rainy day in Kaunas this museum was definitely the highlight of the trip!
One of the best museums about Holocaust - important information
One of the holocaust museums are fun to visit.
I liked this museum a lot -it offers a look on Jewish history and life in Lithuania from many different perspectives and is more like a few museums for the price of one.
Impressive Holocaust exhibit, this museum also dedicated to the historical and cultural heritage of Lithuanian Jews.
Gediminas Tower Vilnius
From the castle hill you san see panoramic Vilnius and also you can visit the tower museum which offers a small collection of armour, maps, and more panoramic views from the top of the tower :) You can walk to the...
There is a small museum in the tower but as you go up through the floors, It opens out onto a flat roof top which reveals a great view of the spires, hills and roofs of the old town of Vilnius.
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One of the most amazing historical museums is The Palace of the Grand Dukes.This documents in detail the long history of Lithuania's royalty.
An excellent museum with a combination of artefacts, multimedia facilities and informative exhibits about Lithuanias fascinating past .
The museum closes and 5pm and is open till 7pm on Thursdays (and closed on Mondays as it usually happens with museums).
Very interesting and unique museum with a large number of sculptures and figures depicting devil.
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There are two museums almost next to each other one small and the other much bigger with a historic find at the bottom of the big museum.
This little museum provides an easy and convenient way to learn more about the history and uses of amber.
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One of the best museums in Vilnius
Some times you can enter museum in the night, that is amazing, you walk with guide in the basement and other places in the dark, just holding flashlight in the hand, guide is telling stories about this museum, ama...
Toy museum Vilnius
This little museum is perfect for kids of all ages; aka- including adults.
Amazing museum for visit with children and without.
However, the Cold War museum got reconstructed a few years ago and it is very interesting, you can take guided tours in different languages or you go by you own, all explanations are also in English.
Great museum for history lovers
Modest in size but with a very representative collection covering the history of the Lithuanian nation, this museum makes you understand that Lithuania once stretched to the Black Sea and included large parts of w...
Best Historical Museum of Vilnius.
I'ts one of the most interesting museums in Lithaunia and really worth to visit.
We visited the Missile Museum in late September 2015 on a shore excursion from our Baltic cruise.
Museums and galleries in France, the US, Canada, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Australia, and other countries have works of this artist.
Fascinating museum with good exhibitions
One of the best museums visited
The guide, Giedrius, was very kind and very clear explaining us everything about the museum and his history, KGB, and it was a jump into the past of the Lithuanian history.
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Chocolate museum has small but cool exposition, some interactive displays, which was loved by children.I would really incourage to go to chocolate workshop and make candies on your own.
Factory RUTA was established in the beginning of XX c., means about 100 years ago!!! Excellent museum guides will explain you all secrets.
The museum is situated in the modern part of the town, so it is a nice diversion from Old town visits.
The constant exhibition is quite ok but I think that collection of Lithuanian art museum (Bokšto g. 5) is more iconic when talking about Lithuanian art.
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The museum has five departments: Kaunas Castle, M. and K. Petrauskai Lithuanian Music History Museum, Juozas Gruodis Memorial Museum, Lithuanian Folk Music History Museum.
Excellent museum of Kaunas city history and governance.
If you are considering only one museum, this is THE museum that you have to visit in Vilnius!
The people who maintain the museum are very friendly and kind, perfectly matching the peaceful and elevating nature of the place.
A very quiet museum, so it is possible to spend as much time in it as wanted/needed.
We arrived at the museum which is very easy to find in central Kaunas, the outside area is clean and nice with some exhibits displayed there, inside the museum is full to the brim with exhibits depicting the histo...
Cozy and small war museum, but with modern expositions.