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Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Prague, found the guns to be highly addictive and lots of fun! Best day of the trip agreed by all involved!
My partner and I are very competitive so the scoring side was a lot of fun! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and had excellent knowledge and looked after us very well!
The Chamber Prague
We would recommend escape room enthusiasts and newcomers as well to give it a try - you'll have fun!
Best haunting experience in exit games ever in the spirit of Silent Hill games.
The Chamber Prague
Really outstanding experience – the storyline is great, room just takes you back to the beginning of 20th century by every small detail, puzzles are extremely clever and fun and mostly – the atmosphere is just unb...
On both days Margaret gave us the introduction in perfect english and full of emotions - you can see that the team has a lot of fun with what they are doing which makes the experience even better!
The escape room has great history, was so much fun, a challenge and most of all exhilarating upon completion!
Perfect basement atmosphere, really friendly game master, and a terrific way to spend 70 minutes (or less!).
CityQuester Prague
We really loved this game it was so much fun, and the staff was great and helped us all the way through the game, we highly recommend this trip for anyone who loves games and having fun while exploring a city!
It was super fun and the tour is a must thing to do while your stay in Prague.
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This place is Awesome, we had a great time, and a lot of fun, This is a must do when visiting Prague.
Thank you for this fun experience!
Magnum, AK47, AR15, M16, Scorpion EVO sub-machine gun, UZI Sub-machine gun, Dragunov sniper rifle, pump action shotgun (law enforcement standard issue version) It was great fun & the instructors were friendly, kno...
We had so much fun and everybody involved was brilliant from our driver who picked us up from our hotel and returned us, to the brilliant instructors Andrew (ZZ top) and Tom.
'Philosopher's Stone' Game: Fantastically fun, challenging experience that I'd recommend to anyone in Prague looking to try something a little different and test their puzzle solving, riddle cracking skills - espe...
As a family it's a great time to spend.. Fun and challenging ,sharing the ideas , you work as a team.. Love that kind of games.. It's suitable for all
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Great Fun, Amazing Owners, Will come back again!
Great fun! Go for it!
Questerland Prague
FUN! FUN! FUN!!! Cool electronic devices, smart puzzles, great atmosphere.
A great fun experience for all ages, would definitely recommend!! Thank you for making our trip to Prague more memorable definitely a highlight!
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BrainFAQ Brno
We went to both rooms and both are completely amazing and really great fun.
It was my first escape game and must say that I was pretty confused sometimes, but all riddles were really interesting and well thought-through (and it was fun too :-) Afterwords I went to few more games and this...
So much fun with friends and awesome beer :) Relaxing and fun at the same time All the beer you can drink in an hour while soaking your skin in the tub A must do!
Newly decorated and romantic design, and the beer definitely adds to the fun ;)
The game is fun and done really nicely by its creators, Tomas and Eva! Great to test your team work skills within the family!
It's was a very fun Escape Game very realistic and very beautiful and creative Escape Room well decored as a Communist Bunker.
Prague Armory Prague
The Shooting was great fun with Smiles all round and the only drawback was i came second to my Son but hey it was his birthday so maybe just maybe i let him win !!!! Big Thanks to all the Team at the Armory for ma...
Great fun
The game is very immersive (decor is amazing, the individual equipment too!), the puzzles are great and the overall is very fun!
But if you are looking for 99 minutes of pure adrenaline and excitement and you have already played escape games before, this is the MUST DO in Prague!
from the moment you enter to the actual escape the adrenaline is high constantly! it was so much fun and so challenging!
I’ve played both the Operation Anthropid and Insomnia games now and both were extremely intriguing and rewarding.
Great fun!
Super fun story and wonderful time!
Torch VR Prague
Amazing fun and super helpful staff
Great Fun!
Visited this shooting range with my boyfriend over the weekend - we had so much fun and the instructors were so friendly and welcoming, and made you feel really safe!
We went for the Call of Duty package and got to shoot an array of guns commonly seen in movies and in games, including a pump action shotgun which was my personal favourite.
Great fun... and challenge!
From all games I've done this one is really impressive.
An amazing game, we had loads of fun! Great for everybody, especially toung and adventorous people.
We were warmly welcomed by Robert who has developed the two games available here himself.
If you arrive a bit early, there is a large room with lots of different activities like blindfolded games and braille stations.
Finally, you get the chance to learn a little more about various famous blind people, the Braille system and more facts on visually impaired and blind people, as well as trying your hand out at various games and e...
Played in both Golem rooms in teams and had the great time - I would recommend this to anyone who loves puzzles and to have fun!
This was great fun and everyone from our team absolutely loved it.
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Door Z Prague
Great game, exciting storyline, very nice and authentic decoration together with hi-tech solutions was fun! Highly recommend!
Great atmosphere, captivating plot, interesting tasks, unexpected ending- every one in our team had a lot of fun!
Situated in a central location, friendly staff, great fun! Would highly recommend, this was our first time at an escape room, would definitely do it again.
A lot of fun, interesting puzzles and the game master was excellent in guiding us.
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Mazement Prague
A lot of interesting riddles, nice atmosphere, stylish and the last part was really fun!
Great fun, smart puzzles, good atmosphere!
Very Nice interiers, the whole game was cool and fluent and we definatelly had funThx to our great roommaster Karolina I recommend
However the game exceeded my expectations from the start - the opening movie was way above the usual "word of mouth" story most escape games start with, the props and puzzles were nicely made with attention to det...
Golem VR Prague
Great experience and aaaaaa lot of fun!! Everyone shoukd try it!
Great fun!!!Great store!!
TheRoom Prague
I always had fun with these guys but here they also showed outstanding capabilities in solving all the riddles and brain teasers:) we all enjoyed it and I can only recommend to everyone to TRY IT!!!:)
Good and well prepared puzzles (differentiated from easy to start to more complicated ones), great fun for whole family, good atmosphere.
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