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#1 of 37 Shopping in Positano
One of the special highlights of our shopping experience in Positano.
Best shop in Positano Great couple they have best quality in Positano They offered great help to us while visiting their shop Thank you so much for the great hospitality
#2 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Besides the incredible food, the fabulous views, the proximity to Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri, we were surprised to find during our casual shopping excursion, this unexpected gem.
During our 2015 visit to the Amalfi Coast our wonderful driver, Massimo, recommended we visit this unique ceramic shop.
#3 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Artigianato Rallo is a cute sandal shop in Positano and an interesting place for sandal shopping because they make sandals for you in a few minutes.
Best sandal shopping experience!
#4 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Fabulous ceramics shop with cheeky owners who make shopping a delight!
Great shopping experience
#5 of 37 Shopping in Positano
He has a wonderful shop in Positano, downtown near the main beach, "Art & Craft", where he sells his multicolored Positano paintings and those of other artists too.
Wonderful shop!
#6 of 37 Shopping in Positano
I highly recommend shopping there and spending time with Irene.
We met the owner, Irene, and learned about her amazing city, the shop she now runs that she took over from her father, and about the local artists whose amazing works are seen throughout the store.
#7 of 37 Shopping in Positano
... items to see, my friend found a cute pair of pants great for the summer and the beach Like much of the wonderful shops and places in Positano the store is hidden from the main shopping area near the beach.
We had already spent a lot of time at other Positano linen clothing stores in the main tourist drag so it was nice to have the shop to ourselves with the owner and to see how her styles and patterns are unique to...
#8 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Of course returning to Amalfi and shopping is much more fun.
A beautiful shop along the road into Positano, Items we bought arrived back in Australia very promptly - and they really are gorgeous!! Thanks Giovanni for looking after us
#9 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Also, down in the lower shopping area of Positano, they own a second store that you can find more beautiful collections called Felù!
This pretty little shop nestled in Positano has beautiful jewelry, and the best part is the shop owner, Margherita.
#10 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Its a delightful shop to be in too- you feel happy in it!
There are dozens of linen shops in Positano, but if you want true Italian generosity and a high-quality product (and if you're looking to spend all your money in one place!)
#11 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Beautiful shop, something very original and different!
Prices are consistent with the other ceramic shops in the area.
#12 of 37 Shopping in Positano
However after three days of window shopping all of positano I realized that Theodora has the nicest designs and uses the best fabrics.
Have shopped in Positano often.
#13 of 37 Shopping in Positano
We were walking by this shop, stopped in and were very impressed with the lovely designs, all so colorful!
We were shopping with no high expectations in Polistano and happened on this shop.
#14 of 37 Shopping in Positano
I visited and shop at Don Catello store while in Positano, the customer service was excellent and the store has a great variety of sandals, every one better than the other, so difficult to choose just one pair.
Once you start looking at sandals shops in Positano and Amalfi, you’ll notice that they more or less carry the same styles.
#15 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Excellent service, kind and warm shop keepers(Vittorio and his sister), good prices.
Just visited this shop last week during my visit to Positano.
#16 of 37 Shopping in Positano
... ceramics, fragrances, soaps, lotions, lemons, jewelry, limoncello, out-of-this-world table linens, lemon flavored chocolate, limoncello filled chocolate and yes, more lemons......Literally one-stop shopping.
We returned home committed to doing 2 things....(1) stay in amalfi; and (2) return to that quaint shop in positano and secure as much limoncello and limoncello creme we could get our hands on.
#17 of 37 Shopping in Positano
While shopping in Positano, this shop had the designs I was looking for.
This shop had the best designs and colors we'd seen our whole trip!
#18 of 37 Shopping in Positano
When in Poitano my intention was shopping at each of the four outlets (which my husband and I did).
... beginning with weaving their own textiles, all in Italy with lots of love...The clothes are about texture, pattern, color, & shape...Don't miss their multiple shops in Positano...You can thank me later...
#19 of 37 Shopping in Positano
You will see other local shops doing similar and making the sandals but these were definitely the best quality ones in Positano.
Lovely little shop where you can get sandals made to fit your foot, made by hand, in one hour (maybe more in high season).
#20 of 37 Shopping in Positano
Such a nice gallery just up the hill from Hotel Murat and other shopping.
#22 of 37 Shopping in Positano
If you've ever been to Positano you probably know the shop I'm reviewing as it's on the main walk down toward the Duomo.
#23 of 37 Shopping in Positano
We were shopping in Positano today, visited pretty much all the shops on the main street.
Please shop there....and Sunflower, you need an actual website where we can all see you and buy your things worldwide!
#24 of 37 Shopping in Positano
This shop was excellent - the quality of clothes were fantastic and with the factory being 50 m up the road it was possible to have alterations ready by the next day (free of charge).
#27 of 37 Shopping in Positano
For some reason all the "Positano" clothes seem a bit cuter in Positano than other cities and this shop had particularly nice items.