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#1 of 85 Museums in Crete
One of the best free museums out there
It's very rare to see museums for national teams .
#2 of 85 Museums in Crete
It is one of the greatest museums in Greece and the best in the world for Minoan art, as it contains the most notable and complete collection of artifacts of the Minoan civilization of Crete.[
A must for all history buffs - now back fully open, one of the worlds best museums has a extensive collection from the ancient world so please give your self the whole day to get the best from it - it is wonderful...
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#3 of 85 Museums in Crete
It was fascinating to see how Crete was in the past and compare it to our similar museums in the UK.
We were fortunate that the attendant put on a film for us about the history of Crete and also the fascinating history of the museum which has been an incredible personal achievement for those involved.
#4 of 85 Museums in Crete
Amazing museum, incredible what Georgious can do!
We were on our way from Heraklion to Rethymno when we came across this lovely museum found in Axos Mylopotamou.
#5 of 85 Museums in Crete
A modern museum, excellently laid out, with knowledgeable and friendly guides, who explain the collection of printing machines and the transition from moveable type to Linotype to the digital age, as well as a bri...
... equipment and methods, newspaper production and printing, stone lithography, screen printing, phototypesetting and Braille typewriters - the list goes on - are all to be seen and enjoyed at this wonderful museum.
Minoan's World Chania Town
#6 of 85 Museums in Crete
For second the is before to get to the cinema you will see very cool museum in 3d like tricky eye museum, all it's uniquely in Crete!
This was a fun trip to a 3D museum and 9D cinema.
#7 of 85 Museums in Crete
I find museums tiring after 45 minutes or so and this one has a great courtyard on the second floor where one can sit and recharge in fresh air (and a bottle of water for .40
The original goal of those founding the Historical Museum of Crete or Historical Museum in Heraklion was to collect and preserve valuable archaeological, ethnographic and historical material deriving from the medi...
#8 of 85 Museums in Crete
This is one of those lovely small museums you find in many Cretan towns.
Excellent museum with really clear and concise descriptions on every item, well laid out and very informative, was very impressed
#9 of 85 Museums in Crete
The Natural History Museum (NHM) of Heraklion, with the Arcaeological and the Historical Museums are a must, while visiting Crete.
My son and I are used to the Natural History and Science Museums in London and this place has a good combination of some of the best aspects of both.
#10 of 85 Museums in Crete
Usually museums are overwhelming, but this was just such a perfect, just right experience.
The gardens surrounding the museum and a lovely place to stroll and the views back to the Old Venetian Harbour from here a spectacular, especially at sunset.
#11 of 85 Museums in Crete
One of the Best Small Maritime Museums in Europe
When paying your entrance fee, be aware there are 2 options - you can visit the main museum for 3 euro OR you can get tickets to cover both Museums for just 4 euro.
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#12 of 85 Museums in Crete
The tree is amazing to see & followed by a visit to the small museum where it takes you through the history of the Olive industry with all the tools & receptacles used for collecting, processing & storing.
Excellently curated small museum with a mix of artifacts and art pieces.
#14 of 85 Museums in Crete
One of the best museums I have ever been to.The pottery collection is amazing and very easy to view.This is a perfect window into the wide and wonderful history of Crete.
There have been many improvements, but the Chania Archaeological Museum remains among my favorite Greek museums.
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#15 of 85 Museums in Crete
But, the visit to Myrtia, in addition to the Museum, is an interesting visit to a marvellous site of agricultural land and to a peaceful Cretan village.
I found a most interesting and modern museum and information center, with a well-informed staff, good exhibitions and a video presentation of his life.
#16 of 85 Museums in Crete
This is kind of two museums for the price of one as it is situated in the Venetian villa with a lot of original features.
If you have a husband, like mine, who is really into his military museums then the yellow train company have a tour.
#17 of 85 Museums in Crete
The museum is complete, covering all areas of cretan daily life items, soft clothing, ceramics, pottery, agriculture, various professions and shops.
Very interesting museum showing Crete and its history, Helpful and friendly staff with signs in English as well as Greek.
#19 of 85 Museums in Crete
Fantastic museum/ workshop, super man and wonderful lyra work of art!
Hospitality, tradition and a wonderful place, I highly recommend a visit at Stagakis Lyra workshop and museum especially for musicians.
#20 of 85 Museums in Crete
Wonderful museum, fascinating exhibits... a must visit!
the Museum is located in front of the main entrance of the fortress and exhibits various objects and discoveries in the area of Rethymnon,dating from the Neolithic and Roman periods; the finds are grouped in chron...
#22 of 85 Museums in Crete
Nice collection of instruments, a beautiful museum and amazing staff!
Tradition and roots came alive here today in a most original and amazing setting of one's home made into a true museum, where past and present fell into one.
#23 of 85 Museums in Crete
The museum om Christian art in Heraklion is a little gem.
This old church has been converted into a magnificent museum of Christian art after a seven-year closure.
#24 of 85 Museums in Crete
Alongside sites like Delphi and the Acropolis, this brand new museum clearly and intelligently presents a Cretan archaeological tour-de-force.
Excellent museum with a lot of nicely presented information.
#26 of 85 Museums in Crete
From ancient olive press to militaria this is a must see museum.
This a lovely museum with very many interesting artefacts.
#27 of 85 Museums in Crete
Good local small museums are well worth supporting.
Excellent little museum
#28 of 85 Museums in Crete
It is one of the most important museums in Greece where you can admire the art of the old days and the gravity.
Nestled up in the alleys of Piskopiano is this charming little museum that gives you an insight into life in the villages of Crete.
#29 of 85 Museums in Crete
if you like museums, galleries and art staff, then this is a good choice!! there's always an exhibition taking place! it worths a visit, and usually it hosts greek artists or even locals sometimes...the only minus...
#30 of 85 Museums in Crete
Quite interesting is also, the workshop of the museum that revives the Cretan embroidery art and where embroidery paintings are being created.
This is our favorite museum in Chania.
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