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#1 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Amazing step into the ancient site of Minoan civilization Loved seeing some of the restored art and the scale of the site was amazing.
Wonderful archaeological site shown to us with excellent Guide and I loved the peacocks but learnt a lot about the Minoan Civilization...very sophisticated 4000 years ago
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#2 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Our children aged 9 and 11 were enthralled and the views from the property were stunning.
After a bit of disappointment to visit Knossos, a 4000 year old site partly rebuilt with concrete, we were delighted to finish the day with this exquisite discovery.
#3 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
We maneuvered around the crowd of people in the town squares, saw many sights (including beautiful restaurants, Orthodox and Catholic churches, the shopping street with some nice stores (I saw an art one that look...
She was very nice and helped us make our way around the beautiful town while pointing out famous landmarks and talked us through the history of the town.
#4 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
#5 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
The mill has one of the most striking views of inland Crete, with picturesque olive groves leading up to dramatic cliffs through which the sea is visible on clear days.
Yesterday we had the pleasure to visit Biolea: Explanations about the production process, the essentials about olive oil and a fantastic view as many mentioned here.
#6 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Very moving experience reading all the names and where everyone had come from - so immaculate and well kept - very peaceful site - well worth a visit if passing through Souda
The Cemetery is situated with views out to Suda Bay .. I knew about the history of the Battle for Crete and was very moved to see the rows of British , Australian and New Zealand headstones .. So pleased we travel...
Spiaggia Xerokampos Xerocambos
#7 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
That said the views are breath taking and the beaches are worth a visit.
#8 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
We saw the signs for the snail farm on our way to Tylisos archeological site and decided to visit.
#9 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
A quaint active monastery tucked high in the mountains of Crete, Arkadi provides a respite from the crowded cities where you can learn about the history of this ancient site.
The monastery is an incredible place to visit and we were very impressed with the views, the (sad) history, the fascinating exhibitions and the English labels everywhere.
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Rethymnon Old Town Rethymnon
#10 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
There are many sites and places to see in Rethymnon, including the magnificent Venetian fortress, the Historical and Folk Art Museum, the Archaeological Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum.
Amazing little narrow streets filled with Flowers, stunning views to the Cretan sea, helpful and kind people filled with hospitality manners ready to help you, you will start walking in-between this great environm...
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#11 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
The gentleman who was manning the site was very informative and helpful, and we really enjoyed walking the tunnels, reading about the history and seeing all of the artifacts.
Afterwards, go to the hotel next door to the church for a long cool drink and admire the panoramic view over the sea and of Platanias from their terrace, and thank your lucky stars you are there on holiday.
#12 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Lovely views of the White Mountains of Crete.
There is a small admission fee, but well worth the price to walk the grounds and see the sights.
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Cretan Olive Oil Farm Agios Nikolaos
#13 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Visited this little gem today, you were able to have a guided tour around the small site with an excellent insight into differences in olive oil, and how they produce it.
Informative tour and gorgeous view
Gramvousa Fortress Gramvousa
#14 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Gramvousa sea is really amazing and the color cannot be described but only illustrated by a photo !! On the top of the island there is an ancient fortress with an amazing view of Balos.
The fortress is a great walk up and the views from the top are AMAZING!
#15 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Perfect place for date with wine and great view of sunset, Also if you know the story of this light house and story of old harbour in Chania this place is perfect to chill.
This lighthouse, the symbol of this quaint harbour, makes a great walk and provides the walker and photographer with great views of the complete Venetian harbour.
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Agios Nikolaos Chapel Georgioupolis
#16 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
When sat on the beach and you feel like going for a quick walk this is amazing as you get fabulous sea views!! Georgiopolis is a fantastic town and the beach snack bar nearest to the church is amazing!!
This little jewel was constucted by the Venetian in the tangled streets of Splanzia quarter; and is very lovely, and you have a nice view; nearby is a minaret, it's a nice contrast.
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#17 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
... around !! It is extremely clean tranquil and a very emotional place to see !! Set on a hillside the views are stunning out to the sea and mountains !! The only downside is it's quite steep to climb upto and pr...
The sea of red flowers around the stones and the old shadowing olive trees invites to thoughtful moments or just to relax and enjoy the view.
#18 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
... and the plateaus then do this an amazing day out great food included and excellent guides who take the time to answer any questions you may have jeeps are modern and quite comfy and the views are to die for
... fe visiting cheese making family or Vinery production, olive oil production, big mountains, the best view over Crete, Insider Restaurants with real cretan food and drinks, discover some old things in the count...
#19 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Outside the cathedral there are a few caffe where you can sit and relax enjoing the view!
It is one of the sights that you must visit to appreciate the history of Crete
#20 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Fantastic historical site - lots of displays, great info & excellent harbour views
It was built on the site of Arab, Byzantine, and other fortifications by the Venetians (who called it Castello or Rocca a Mare) in the middle of the 16th century as a part of a strengthening of city fortifications...
#21 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Fascinating ruins giving the visitor an idea of the history of Crete from 5th C BC through to 19th C AD The site is quite extensive with the various ruins in natural settings The barrel vaulted cisterns show the s...
Take your eyes from the structures which are fascinating and you will see wonderful views of snow-capped (in April anyway) mountains to one side, towns and villages to another and out to sea, it becomes obvious wh...
#22 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
... and beautiful flower filled gardens,from the small temple in the garden you can sit and enjoy the view down the valley out to the sea.look to the skies and you can see the many varieties of eagles and vultures...
It's a good place to take a break from long trip, pleasure your eyes with beautiful views and get some peaceful feelings.
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#23 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
An excellent trip from Gouves to Aghios Nikolas, to Elounda and boat across to Spinalonga .The Island and tour guide was very informative and the Island has stunning views.
... on and from the mountain made it worthwhile, lot's of traditional villages on the way, wonderful view of the snow caped mountains in the distance, the amazing views of Spinalonga Island as you start your desce...
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Agios Titos Church Heraklion
#24 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
There has been an Orthodox Christian Church on this site for thousands of years, but the current temple was rebuilt by the Ottomans during their occupation of Crete and displays the resultant hallmarks of a mosque.
However, before visiting the museum I suggest leaving the return bus at Elefterias Square, to view Agios Titus church nearby and take lunch at one of the shady tavernas in Kallergon Square, halfway down the pedest...
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#25 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
b) A great small zoo with interesting animals (Deer, Peacocks) c) A great view of the Libyan Sea where you sense greatness of Crete.
Spring is definitely the time to visit, the wild flowers are stunning and the views out to sea are breath taking.
#26 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
From there we went on to Drakona which again is a fabulous drive with amazing views and in Drakona we had a fantastic authentic lunch at Dounias.
The drive through is majestic and you can do it in your own car or part in the town of Theriso and take a small tourist tram which gives you a better view of the gorge than from your car.
Panagias Keras Church Agios Nikolaos
#27 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
The church is small but airy and it is easy to view and photograph without using torches or flash.
this is the best church in creta...Located at the site called Logari is Kritsa’s most famous church, Panagia Kera, which dates back to the 12th.
#28 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Wear sensible shoes and enjoy the experience, the views are absolutely stunning!
We had a nice hike with view of the fauna, cliffs and many goats roaming the high cliff walls.
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#29 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Beautiful and peaceful we arrived later in the afternoon and it was a joy to be able to look around and see the lovely views and how the monastery is cared for.
You can walk out to a ledge that gives you an amazing view.
#30 of 262 Sights & Landmarks in Crete
Well guided compared with other Cretan sites, the stone walls and stepped paths are incredible feats of human engineering - we would find it hard enough to move such sizeable stone blocks with modern technology gi...
Situated at a hilltop with pretty views towards Agia Nikolaos and the sea, these remains from the 4th-3th century BC are by themselves imposing and pleasant to explore.