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Fort Eben-Emael
Historic Sites, Military Bases & Facilities, Military Museums
For Freedom Museum
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Bastogne War Museum
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Red Star Line Museum
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Train World
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Museum De Reede
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Van Buuren Museum
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Each year the town remembers the these actions with the Nuts weekend, re-enactment groups and others march through the town, put on displays, organise walks and the museums are free.
I've been to the multiple museums Normandy, the WWII Museum in New Orleans, and the Royal War Museum and others in London.
It is unbelievable that the city of Mons wants to do away with the museum because it competes with other museums in the area.
astonishing collection that will amaze you. the clocks and porcelain are just tremendous along with all the other many and varied high quality artifacts; all crammed into a well lit and easily viewable museum.
... visitor for the first hour - highly recommended if you are like me! Having visited many WW1 and WW2 museums in northern France and Belgium, I rate this museum as the best - 10/10 on all counts - but as this is...
I think this is one of the better war museums I have been to - it is informative and well planned out.
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This museum is one of the top ten museums IN THE WORLD and will interest everybody : is is a historical house, it was a workplace during centuries, it has a wonderfull collection of book and prints and is just a b...
Now it is so many things: a treasure trove of printing history, a museum of early process engineering as applied to the production line, the opulent palace of the head of a dynasty, a library, a picture gallery an...
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If you got bored of visiting typical picture or city museums, that's a great place to try something new.
Very interesting and unique museum, very well presented and organised.
Train World Schaerbeek
Great museums with a lot of interactive pieces, the atmosphere is absolutely unique!
I love trains, airplanes, balloons, ships, cars....and I take every occasion to visit their museums.
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Museum De Reede Antwerp
As we are both artists we just loved the exhibition, and the museum, wishing only perhaps that in the future this wonderful museums collection might include even more contemporary master's works.
-quality pieces -few peers, exhibit for us only -nice people -great art and lots of it it is one of many museums weve visited, but the only one that really impressed me thusfar.
Fort Eben-Emael Eben-Emael
Truly awesome museum to visit, and a part of history that is often full of intrigue and misinformation.. Guided tour was very informative.
Easy and sufficient free parking, interesting museum and guided tours with experts for just €8 per person.
Atomium Brussels
The Atomium is such a fun museum type venue, you can explore most of the atomium and look outside to the park that surrounds it with walking trails, you can picnic outside the atomium.
In addition to learning about the history of the Atomium, I got to see some amazing pieces of art on display that were very accessible compared to most museum presentations.
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For Freedom Museum Knokke-Heist
Friendly welcome to a fascinating and well laid out family run museum.The museum houses a number interesting collections of original vehicles and uniforms and excavated aircraft remains.
This amazing little museum brings to life the bleak times of the Second World in realistic and fascinating fashion.
Lange Max Museum Koekelare
We’ve visited Ypres and all the British front museums and attractions but Lange Max provides a great perspective of the German front and life in Belgium whilst occupied by Germany in WW1.
Excellent, the only museum here that gives information over the Germans during great war!
Easily the Best of the Museums covering the 1914 - 1918 Great War, with Countless Exhibits and Updated Information on Findings, Time flew past while strolling through the Theatre and Film Shows....Very Impressed.
One of the best war museums I have ever been to due to the excellent condition of the artifacts, the variety of methods to communicate the history, and the thoughtful ambiance created through use of lighting, soun...
3 Ways to experience it
This is a must-see attraction & the price of entry is less than other Bastogne museums & well-worth it.
One of the best WWII museums I have been to
Fort Breendonk Willebroek
We spent a week visiting various museums and memorials during our WW1 Centenary trip but it was Fort Breendonk and its time during WW2 as a concentration camp that will live in our memories forever.
Most of the museum focuses on WW2 and the forts function as a prison / concentration camp and is the most preserved example of such a camp.
Rockox House Antwerp
Antwerp it blessed with several small art museums with fine collections of early Netherlandish artworks, including the Rockox House (€8) which is open from 10 to 5pm daily.
A hidden gem among museums in Antwerpen
We've visited many war related museums throughout the world but was happy to find this one has a very different format and I would say is one of the best I've visited from an educational perspective.
Finally, climb the monument outside the musuem for a great view of the Ardennes.Undoubtedly, this is one of the best war museums I have ever visited.
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I recommend to visit, would put it as number 3 after Horta museum and Villa Empain though - which are the 3 house museums I got to see during my visit.
As architecture lovers, we adore this little museum and its magnificent gardens and have already visited it several times.
Museums content is very rich, also at the second area there is a long brief of humans immigration history and it is very instructive.
Beautifully curated and displayed, the museum is a gem; our visit was rendered even more meaningful by the touching stories shared by our excellent guide, who really made history come alive.
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As a bit of a WW11 history buff I have visited many WW11 museums over the years and this one is high on my list of top museums.
A fitting end to all the other fine WWII museums we visited elsewhere.
Talbot House Poperinge
The personal stories and experiences; the gardens stunning and peaceful; the house and chapel like a time machine... Unlike many museums that have since become too commercialised in their efforts to exist, TH is s...
A fantastically peaceful place, a friendly sanctuary and a well organised living history museum.
Fondation Folon La Hulpe
One of the most organic and beautiful museums of this planet.
Hidden in the beautiful park surrounding the museum, this charming place offers visitors a unique view of the artist's many talents and great imagination.
Le Bois du Cazier Charleroi
There are 3 different museums inside that you see with one ticket, and the ticket is very cheap.
The museum preserves much of the mine overground as well as restored and repurposed some of the facilities such as shower rooms.
One of the newest museums in Mons, the Memorial Museum reflects on the phenomena of war.
It will complement many of the other large museums in Belgium dedicated to this time period.
If you are an art lover this is a museum you cannot skip when you are in Antwerp... Very impressive and amazing pieces
Great outdoor museum in a lovely envronment
Having visited a lot of the ww1 museums along the western front and most of the Normandy d-day museums it takes a lot to get me going.
One of the most interesting museums I have ever seen
Hooge Crater museum Ieper (Ypres)
Would recommend visiting this museum and cemetery before others in the area so you appreciate what these have to offer before you get bowled over by size and scale of the other museums and cemeteries.
Have been visiting for years and this is without doubt one of the best Great War museums I have been to.
I had the opportunity to visit the museum with my photography teacher and class, we had a great overview given by a guide, the museum displays all the great names of the medium; Sander, Cameron, Capa, Doisneau, Ad...
In fact this is the second time I come to photography museum and come away pleased.
One of the best museums I've been to as it is easily accessible, pamphlets provided at each area in various languages to explain what you're viewing, interactive displays via audio, visual and kinesthetic activiti...
One of the most beautiful small museums, with a view deck on the top floor (that costs nothing) and a very interesting (paid) exploration of Antwerp's (maritime) history.
5 Ways to experience it
The quality of the displays and the material displayed is perhaps the finest of all of the WWII museums located within 100 miles of Baugnez.
One of the best museums in Ardennes