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Chaplin's World Corsier-sur-Vevey
I've always enjoyed going to museums, but this one is really special and easily now as one of my favorites.
Something magical: a museum and studio at the same time!One of the most interesting museums of Europe
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I must say that I have been to a lot of museums around the world but the experience that I had at this one surpasses everyone else.. Usually museums are all about soaking in the information or enjoying the art, mo...
Set tucked away on a quaint little patch opposite the Rhine there is a cosy little cafe and museum shop you can while away a few hours in (especially if it’s raining) and an old paper mill that’s a fantastic backg...
Art museums around the world have become repositories of the classics that created our cultural identity and finding the Collection de l'Art Brut is such a marvel.
One of the most fascinating museums I've visited!
We've been to similar museums in Sweden, Norway and Austria and we wold visit them all again as all give you great insight on how life was hundreds or years ago.
We bought a 3 day Swiss rail ticket that got you entry to most of the museums in Switzerland and ferry rides on Swiss lakes.
A visit worth while, pop into the museum and relive some special Queen moments in the Queen studio experience Original items on display and very well presented.
The little museum inside the studio was so interesting and gave a full history of each album and the band's interactions leading up to and during the recording of each one.
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Different from other museums there aren't temporary exhibitions, however, so far I've seen the collection more than 10 times and appreciated each visit very much.
The Rosengarts were early collectors and supporters of Picasso, and seeing these was a big thrill because some are quite distinctive from pieces you see in most major museums.
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Like so many more modern museums the exibits are presented attractively and informatively with a number of interactive presentations to maintain interest.
One of the best museums we've visited in terms of interactivity making it a fantastic place to take kids even though we as adults had a great time.
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We had an 11 hour layover and we love art museums...this was a great choice...very easy to get to from the Zurich Airport...took a train and bus and walking around too... but we loved sightseeing on our walk...gre...
one of the best museums in europe - great collection of national and international art - giacometti and hodler rooms - great monet pics - all impressionists - expressionists - pop art
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I may be a bit biased, living in Winterthur, but having seen other science museums in Europe and the US I firmly believe that the technorama is by far the best of its kind!!
It is one of the best museums in Switzerland for kids.
This is truly one of the finest museums I have ever visited and it felt so comfortable at any pace of looking and learning.
This museum has an absolutely fantastic collection of clocks and watches and it retraces the history of clocks, especially in the Jura region.
His work from museums and private collections from all over the world was brought and displayed.
Excellent with just Roman history, sculture, and car museum, and better with the Picasso Exhibition
After going up the funicular you walk around by yourself to see rooms: gun emplacements, dormitories for the soldiers, and a very interesting museum room (English descriptions available).
There was a museum, shops, and street vendors.
Many museums, or gothic churches for that matter, feel like slightly different versions of the same thing, so it was refreshing to visit a truly one-of-a-kind museum.
Even if one doesn’t follow the games, it is one of the most interesting museums you will ever visit.
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CERN Geneva
They have two museums (free).
It truly is a fascinating story and the museum here, especially the big globe opposite which houses a mini-presentation video for all to see the work being done and the road to discovery is remarkable.
The museum is located in a lovely park next to a beautiful old mansion which includes the museums bistro.
Objects from Egyptian museums (incl new underwater finds off the coast at Abu Qir).
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This is one of Bern's must-see museums!
This is one of the best historical museums I have visited in Europe.
Fantastic quality of exhibitions, great collections, and the museum itself is very well located, with a lovely park and nice restaurant nearby.. worth a visit
located out in the green, in nice park area, this museum had a great temporary exhibition from the Buehrle collection, including some really amazing paintings (my favorite: Soutine and Modigliani).
We visited a few museums in Geneva but this was by far our favourite.
Excellent new ethnographical museum in a fantastic builidng with outstanding permanent and temporary exhibitions.
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... Museum is just one of several, and easily accessible by the famous "Tram" - which in my opinion is the best and only ay to see Basel, hop-on-hop-off with a day pass and you can see the various sites and museums.
I've been through my share of famous museums, and small artist dedicated museums (Andy Warhol, Picasso, etc), and skeptically thought, "how good can this really be?"
Glasi Hergiswil Hergiswil
The museum shop proposes an extensive offer of locally made glass items including many designed by Swiss artist Roberto Niederer.
Very interesting and unique museum, Also interesting for children and at the end there are some nice activities for children and adults.
This Museum at the University is free and offers an excellent selection of prehistoric and regional birds, reptiles and animals.You can take the cable car up the hill as the Museum is located on the top of the hill.
this museum houses the most amazing collection of animals and fossils and so much more! it is a fantastic place for kids to learn! a must visit!
If you come here keep some spare time to visit the museums café with wonderful views especially during sunny days.
A bijoux museum offerings exquisite art housed in a nice villa in the suburb of Winterthur.
This is one of the most beautiful museums I've visited, mostly because of the excellent exhibitions (such as the Calder and Fishley-Weiss in June 2016), but also because of the beautiful layout and gardens arond it.
If you are in Basel before May 28, 2017 make time to see the exhibition of Monet paintings borrowed from great museums around the world.
Uhrenmuseum Beyer (Beyer Watch and Clock Museum) is located in the heart of the city of Zürich, Switzerland and is one of the world's leading private museums dedicated to the horology.
It felt a bit odd walking into a watch store to visit a museum, but mention to the greater that you are there to see the museum (note, opens at 2pm!), they will gladly take 8 CHF from you, and show you downstairs.
This a great museums for both adults and kids to see almost all kinds of stuffed animals, human/animal replica, gem stones, and other neat exhibits.
Always loved museums, but this Natural History museum is the one that I prefer.
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If you are a watch enthusiast this is a must vist site, the best of the several brand specific watch museums in Switzerland, rich on pieces by other craftsman as well.
This little museum is a fascinating history of the Patek Phillipe watch company but has a most amazing collection of all types of watches from the last two centuries.
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Despite our slight aversion to museums, we visited this fascinating place towards the end of our day visit to Zermatt.
International Swiss Pass permits free entry just like numerous other similar museums.
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For a small fee you can see one of the best toy museums in the world Every period of time is represented and the automate toys are fabulous There is an interesting exhibition on advertising signs
Anyone who has ever owned and loved a teddy bear or a doll, for that matter, must absolutely visit this excellent and singular museum which casts one back to a simpler time in one's life, filling one with nostalgi...
HR Giger Museum Gruyeres
Otherwise, the village is adorable and the art at Giger is the best I've seen in science fiction museums anywhere!
My family have just returned from a two week road and hotel romp through Switzerland and Italy me this was a personal highlight for me,not just the museum of awesomeness that is the GigerWelt but the whole town,it...
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