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Museo Nazionale del Bargello
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Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele
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Uffizi Galleries
#1 of 127 Museums in Florence
The Uffizi is one of the most extraordinary Museums in Europe...an ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! From Bottecelli's Madonna, and Venus to Michelangelo's David....surrounded by the greatest art masters of the world, a mystical...
But the Uffizi also has what most other world class museums don't: an incredible collection of large and important Late Gothic and Early Renaissance painting... the most amazing Annunciations, Madonna and Child, S...
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Accademia Gallery
#2 of 127 Museums in Florence
This must of been one of the best museums Every sculpture, every piece of art had so much love put into it The famous David sculpture lives in this museum giving you the best chance to admire how much hard work we...
... is of a world class in the quality of its presentation of religious art on canvas or Ikon like on wooden panels It's a unique experience very different from any other of the great museums of Europe or the USA .
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M.G. Design
#3 of 127 Museums in Florence
Walking the streets of Florence, next to famous Bargello museum, we came across small shop of amazing handmade art.
Basilica di Santa Croce
#4 of 127 Museums in Florence
Today, this important site feels more like a small college campus, replete with a major church filled with artworks and tombs of important citizens (Michelangelo Gallileo, Machiavelli...), as well as two museums,...
If you have 1 day ın Florence and dont have enough time for Uffizi and other important museums you can visit the place.
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Mus.e Firenze
#5 of 127 Museums in Florence
He is a great guide, knowing every secret of the palace, and the tour was awesome, remaking the steps of Robert Langdon in the Museum (both the movie and book passages).
Museo di San Marco
#6 of 127 Museums in Florence
Florence is overwhelming with Duomo and so many museums filled with sculpture and art that a quiet and peaceful oasis is a welcome retreat from sensual overload.
Florence is studded with beautiful art and populated with far too many stunning churches and museums to see on one trip.
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Museo Nazionale del Bargello
#7 of 127 Museums in Florence
The interesting, ancient building and the finest collection of sculpture from the Florentine Renaissance make this one of my favorite museums in Florence.
Easy to see with good distribution of art on two levels .Nice courtyard with more art makes for a good break from large museums
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Museo dell'Opera del Duomo
#8 of 127 Museums in Florence
The list of great museums in Florence is sizeable, of course, but this one is near the top with it's gorgeous display of the original Doors of Paradise and the new re-creation of the Duomo facade with original sta...
The other museums specialise in church art and archeology, within the museum is an amazing room of very ancient fresco saved from a different location and remounted as it would have been.
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Museo Opificio delle Pietre Dure
#9 of 127 Museums in Florence
We loved all of the art museums we visited in Florence, but this one was in the top 2-3 in terms of its impact per minute.
This is another one of Florence's small museums that are delightfully free of crowds.
Museo di Palazzo Vecchio
#10 of 127 Museums in Florence
We toured many museums while in Florence and this one is definitely on my must see list!!! Every inch of the building is a masterpiece!!!
To be honest, I saw so many great museums, all 5 star, that I hesitate to be specific because I'll found out I'm referring to something from another museum and look like an idiot.
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Galleria Palatina in Palazzo Pitti
#11 of 127 Museums in Florence
Galleria Palatina in Palazzo Pitti is my favorite museum in Florence and one of the most important museums in the world.
It's an exceptionally grand experience that bests the collections of many renown art museums.
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Chiesa e Museo di Orsanmichele
#12 of 127 Museums in Florence
As all the museums/palaces are closed on Monday this wonderful Jewel is open On the first and second floors above the main church are where the original stone and bronze stature that surround the church are housed.
One of the few free museums in Florence.
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Stibbert Museum
#13 of 127 Museums in Florence
After visiting most of the very famous locations and museums in the city, we have been to this museum that is a little further away from the historic center, but it was a great discovery.
The concept of one tour of max 25 persons each hour really is a great relief from many of the other crowded museums.
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Palazzo Pitti
#14 of 127 Museums in Florence
After visiting the usual (Uffizi, Duomo, Academia), this is well worth the stroll over the Ponte Santa Trinita, with the boboli gardens, the palace, with various rooms and museums, including the palatina, and grea...
You need a whole day to visit Palais Pitti and his seven museums inside; imposant palace with a big stone facade; many sculptures, paintings, furnitures; Very nice is also the visit of the gardens, il Giardino di...
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Museo di Palazzo Davanzati
#15 of 127 Museums in Florence
This is a must see in Florence and opens early (8:00 a.m.) so you can visit before tackling the crowds at the more well-known museums.
If you enjoy museums and history, you'll love this place.
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Accademia di Belle Arti
#16 of 127 Museums in Florence
More than just the famous statue of David, absolutely the most art, statues, musical instruments, packed into one small museum, Late is better we only waited 5 minutes to get in but can be a busy place, you can bo...
It's a fairly small museum compared to Uffizi or Pitti, but they've got David.
Museo degli Innocenti
#17 of 127 Museums in Florence
... the one that kept me so fascinated for hours! 2. BRAND NEW: LOTS OF INTERACTIVE SCREENS AND ACTIVITIES The museum is new (only 2 yrs old?) and so, it is very modern compared to the other museums around the area.
I think we met less than ten other visitors, a nice change from the large art museums.
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Art Gallery Studio Iguarnieri
#18 of 127 Museums in Florence
He was one of the best artists I saw and his work after visiting many museums were akin to some of the painters in the museums .
Museo Stefano Bardini
#19 of 127 Museums in Florence
A common opinion provides that the travelers in Florence see first the plenty of and sublime architectures and museums, and only then, if it's time left, they broaden their attention to the "minor" (minor in relat...
A beautiful museum with a fabulous collection, with each room/space dedicated to a different category such as painting, sculpture, rugs, etc. Very quiet - there were only a few other visitors there - it almost fel...
Cappella Brancacci
#20 of 127 Museums in Florence
Small museum and cloister on the Oltre Arno in a less touristed area of Florence.
And, if you go on a weekend or Monday, they charge 1 euro more, but you get free admission to the museum at Santo Spirito (??).
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Corridoio Vasariano
#21 of 127 Museums in Florence
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Museo Galileo - Institute and Museum of the History of Science
#22 of 127 Museums in Florence
We had thoroughly enjoyed the museums, galleries and churches in Florence so the science museum was a perfect antidote to the stunning renaissance art!
If you are tired of churches and art museums, try something different by visiting a museum that celebrates scientific instruments from the 1400s to the 1800s.
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Museo di Storia Naturale - La Specola
#23 of 127 Museums in Florence
I have been in natural history museums in many great cities and I can honestly say that this intimate, low tech, old fashioned, and incredibly thorough museum is a must see.
I really like the old-style science museums with the stuffed penquins and marine worms in bottles as they are more real feeling than the new style of interactive video panels.
Sinagoga di Firenze e Museo ebraico
#24 of 127 Museums in Florence
... fact that Jewish monuments in much of Europe need to be protected, and it takes all of 1 minute to pass through a very light security screen (and this in a city where people wait for hours to enter museums).
They offer a guide who explains about the structure and history of the temple (very informative) and then you can walk around the different floors of the temple (upstairs is a museum with historical info and Jewis...
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Palazzo Strozzi
#25 of 127 Museums in Florence
Nice cross section of the artists both Guggenheims collected from their museums as well as pieces of the same artists from other museums on loan.
Highly recommended to people wanting to discover a different side of Florence, beyond the (equally spectacular) Uffizi museum.
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Basilica di San Lorenzo
#26 of 127 Museums in Florence
This is another must visit because you get to see the beauty of Brunelleschi architecture, the influence of Donatello and Michelangelo without the huge crowds of museums.
A visit to this basilica & museum made me realize just how influential the Medicis were at their time.
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Scarpelli Mosaici
#27 of 127 Museums in Florence
I stumbled upon this art store after leaving a museum.
Leonardo da Vinci Museum
#28 of 127 Museums in Florence
I was amazed at all the inventions and the interactive exhibits, great for children too, as they get to see and dream about inventions!! Small museums, interesting videos, and amazed about this genius of Leonardo!
My husband and I enjoyed this museum which was less crowded and overwhelming than the big museums in Florence.
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Museum of the Cenacolo of Andrea del Sarto
#29 of 127 Museums in Florence
It is well worth the time to seek out this small museum on the outskirts of Florence to view the wonderful cenacola of Andrea del Sarto.
Small museum of paintings but the real star is the beautifully conserved Cenacolo by del Sarto.
Museo Leonardo Da Vinci
#30 of 127 Museums in Florence
It was a little expensive for the hour or so we were there, but the kids had fun and given the amount of museums and churches we've dragged them to, this was a fun diversion.
This is a great museum which gives you an insight into the work of the great artist and inventor.
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