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German Football Museum
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Westfalische Salzwelten
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Stars of the Galaxy
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Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold
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PHAENOMENTA Luedenscheid
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Schloss Benrath
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Ruhr Museum
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Loebbecke-Museum und Aquazoo
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Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold
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I am a history teacher and I have been to quiete a few museums bit this one is exceptional.
Superb museum, well laid out and one of the best in either Berlin or Bonn.Superb guide but can be done without due to layout and signage.Extremely comprehensive covering a wide range of German history and developm...
The museum is easily accessible from the city centre by the tram or by car, is in a nice area, was open even on the 29th December when I visited, and most of all it is FREE!
Excellent Classic Car Museum
We love visiting the Museum as it has lots of different buildings full of character set in village settings.
Best outdoor museum I have visited.
Unlike the "Big Name" museums, the gallery is of a handy size, and does a great job of displaying pre-impressionist to modern art, with several pieces of each genre, without being overwhelming.
One of the finest art museums in Germany and certainly the finest in the NRW region.
One of the best museums of the Industrykultur.
The Museum is very hands-on and allows the children to experience life in the mines in Germany and for the older generations there is so much history you can brush up on and learn.
Museum Ludwig Cologne
This is one of the best contemporary and modern art museums I have ever visited, and I would recommend it highly to anyone visiting Cologne who likes art and needs a break from churches, old architecture, and bota...
I have visited many museums with collections of modern and contemporary art but this had a collection that exceeded expectations.
1 Way to experience it
It's really nice to see how Cologne was and still connected to different routes of art and culture in Europe, and this museums shows you a bit of that.
One of best art museums
One of the more educational and enjoyable art museums that I have visited anywhere!
There is a very nice Walter Konig bookstore in the museum and the museum café was the perfect place to finish off a long day of walking (in rather warm, humid weather).
One of the Most Important and Interesting Museums in the World
The day I was there, there was a very lovely staff member who told us a few stories about his career in museums in Cologne and his thoughts on Brexit (the vote for which happened the day before - we live in London...
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Kolumba Cologne
I was able to concentrate so much better on each and every exhibit as compared to much larger and more well-known museums.
This is a smallish museum, with bits of the medieval St Columba church preserved, a postwar memorial chapel in one corner, and a strangely restful modern museum designed by a leading Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor.
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If you've been to other open-air museums, such as Old World Wisconsin, Colonial Williamsburg, or Hessenpark by Frankfurt, you'll have some idea what this is like.
We explored the museum landscape including farms, mills, workshops, shops, school, post office, church, windmill and etc.
I truly enjoyed visiting this museum, we were fortunate enough to meet a group of coal miners who had worked the mines for over 30 years.
This is an unusual museum with tours that take you down into a coal mine and shows you how coal was dug.
I have been to hundreds of museums (I've a masters in Art History) and this is a terrific museum.
The museum of Roman artifacts is exceptional, good descriptions in English as well as German and with a good audio guide as well.
It is a bit pricey (as museums in Europe go), but it is a brand new museum with very interesting and interactive exhibits.
Within walking distance of anything around the centre of Dortmund the museum takes 1-2 hours (depends on how long you want to stay!) but plenty of history and trophies on display for the german national team and d...
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Schloss Benrath Dusseldorf
Outside the castle you will find two museums, one about physics, and one about gardening.
The museum of garden history is astoundingly comprehensive and also quite fascinating.
Ruhr Museum Essen
The Ruhr Museum has utilised the grounds of a former mine splendidly, the exhibits are arranged in an unusual way and I loved the staircase simulating the molten lava.
Inside, the museum was a very interesting collection of all kinds of history of the region, mining, geology, and of Germany.
HNF MuseumsForum Paderborn
As much as it is a must see for computer and technology students/lovers from everywhere, I as a biology student really enjoyed the museum and would really recommend it to everyone from different fields of interest...
The Heinz Nixdorf museum depicts the history of computing and computing machines in great detail.
The museum is very child friendly, and there are a number of interactive displays and booths where children can learn about nature, climate, the history of whaling, etc....
From the African savanna, to the polar regions, the museum takes you through the different habitats of animals that you can admire in beautiful dioramas.
K20 Grabbeplatz Dusseldorf
The K21 is totally different but Tomás Saraceno‘s gigantic installation in orbit is spectacular, getting a joint ticket for both museums is fantastic value.
This museum is one of the best Modern Art museums I've ever been to.
It's very well organized and it is very interactive, something most museums are missing.
The Museum of Medieval religious art is a special interest museum with artefacts from churches in Cologne and beyond.
All of us heard and use "Au de Cologne", ell, this is where it all started! of all the museums in the city we chose to visit this one, as it is identified with the place.
We took Private historical guided tour in English at Farina Fragrance Museum & loved every bit of it.
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Neanderthal Museum Dusseldorf
Although most displays are in German and English, the free audio-guide is a must, and provides much added detail to the museum exhibits, and along the 1-km walk through the gorge to the exact site of the original...
It is a beautiful modern museum and houses a delightful exhibition of the story of humankind from its beginnings four million years ago to the Homo Sapiens.
Still the stroll in this valley, the demonstrations of ancient workshops and the general organization of the open air museum is excellent.
We came on a museum trip with the South and East Museums Federation and were able to be shown round by one of the museum staff, who did an excellent job of bringing the collection alive.
The Schnütgen Museum of medieval Christian religious art is spread over three interconnected building: the Romanesque church of St. Cecilia, a brick annex from the fifties by German architect Karl Brand (1900-1995...
It has good collection of different arts and gives you impression of every day life unlike the marble statues of greater antic museums.
Outside of Italy this must be one of the best Roman history museums in the world.
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The Museum Insel Hombroich is an unconventional type of museum.
The Museum Insel Hombroich is really not something that you can do in just a couple of hours.
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Museum Kunstpalast Dusseldorf
***Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays This is one of my favorite museums in the world.
There are audioguides (never seen those in art museums before) that explain you some background about the pictures you see.
bests mustards in town, including a little museum about the art of making mustards.
Just across the road from the Chocolate Museum is the Historische Senfmuehle.
One of the best museums of contemporary art
:) The food in the museum restaurant (Pardo Bar) is also good but expensive; indoors it looks very whimsical like the museum's exhibits, but outside there is a great view of the museum garden.