Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park

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Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park

Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park
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Ahoy, matey! Head out to Pirate's Cay Indoor Water Park for local year-round fun! This 31,000-square-foot indoor water attraction is where summer never ends, because the completely glass-enclosed recreational area is climate-controlled and features a retractable roof for warmer days. Waterpark features include: lazy river, four water slides, pirate ship themed playscape, arcade, and more!
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14 reviews
Very good

Clinton G.
1 contribution
4th Visit to the Place - I would not recommend bringing your children here
Jan 2020
So it has been my 4th visit to Pirate’s Cay over the past year now, and at this time, I would not recommend this as a place to bring your children, primarily due to various operational, staffing and standard procedural issues we have encountered every visit.

1st – Upon entering the water park, plan on waiting in line for 45 minutes to 1 hour to purchase tickets and get a wrist band to enter the water park. The bottleneck is that they have 1 cashier / POS system and 2 people working behind the counter and appears to take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes to process each family. Additionally, with many people using Groupon to purchase reduced tickets (which I highly recommend), the check in process can take that much longer as they manually transfer information from your phone to a paper pad, have you mark the Groupon redeemed on your phone and then charge you sales tax on top of it, which increases the time to check you in. This is a horrible process. If this is to be fixed, they need to get another cashier / POS system, so they have two of them and to double throughput. Waiting in line for 45+ minutes just to get a wrist band to enter the place is ridiculous.

2nd – Plan on waiting at least 45+ minutes in line for food at the provided Subway they have onsite. You are unable to bring your own food into the place so you must bear with long wait times. The problem here is that the staff are so unmotivated, lack efficiencies, appear to be always short-staffed by 2 people and move at the same slow pace the entire time, even when they see they have 30 people in line. If there are 30 people in line, plan on waiting over 1 hour for some cold cuts. To fix this problem, multiple things need to happen, either get new management, hire more people, give current staff a good kick in the backside, and/or do some cross training for all staff so when one area falls behind, people can be moved around to help get it back on track.

3rd – This is a family place with lots of kids between the ages of 4 to 12 and I am not sure who from management thought it was a good idea to put Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on the big screen in the check-in/lunch area, but around lunch time it was playing and the room is filled with kids and the scene where Indiana and his side kick-kid are getting whipped, wow is all I have to say, but it did make for a good laugh as I have now been waiting in line for an hour now for some cold cuts.

4th – The pricing structure for this place is also a joke, which is based on 3 tiers and your height, or you must pay $10 just to sit and watch your kids have fun. For starters, given that this is a family place and many parents or (just one of the parents) brings their child who isn’t 48” inches tall, they feel it is appropriate to also charge that parent the 48”+ rate, even though that parent will likely not be going down the water slides for that tier since a good parent needs to watch their kids in the lower tiered area. It would be completely inappropriate for me to leave my daughter in one area, and then go down the waters slides in another area and not watch my child… and this scenario happens all too often. So what needs to happen here is that they need to offer the same tiered practice, but if I have no intention of going down the 48”+ water slides, I should not have to pay for that and pay for the 42”+ tier instead which is where I will be spending my entire day with my less than 48” child. Since everyone has to wear a wrist band and each tier is a different color, it is very easy to spot who shouldn’t be where they should be.

5th – This place also appears to have a training and/or no one cares about following a standard operational procedure. Case in point, depending on who is watching the 42”+ water slide area, some lifeguards don’t care what water slides parents go down, and sometimes, some say that a parent can only go down one of the 3 water slides. The lifeguards rotate to the various areas of the water park every 15 to 30 minutes, and I have personally experienced different policies during a single visit, where depending on who is watching the area, rules may be different.

6th – With this place appearing to make money hand over fist, they need to invest that money back into the place as things are falling apart, the lock rooms could be revamped to include better changing areas for families and the lifeguard rubber guard rescue thing that all of the lifeguards hold/wear need to be replaced, they are all falling apart.

Again, as a father and this being my 4th visit to this place, I would not recommend this place. One suggestions as a better alternative would be to take your kids to TimberRidge Lodge and Waterpark at Grand Geneva in Wisconsin. You and your child can go down any of the water slides (together) even if your child is less than 48” tall, the place is bigger with more fun activities/obstacles to do in the water and you get just more for your money. The place is well kept and they appear to have their act in order. Oh, and every time we have gone, checked in less than 15 minutes, and the same can be said for receiving our food during lunch. Check it out for your self.
Written 20 January 2020
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Portage, IN76 contributions
Small but fun
Oct 2019
I took four kids, ages 9 & 10. The waterpark is small, but the kids had a blast. The pricing seemed too high for how small it was, and that includes the discount that we got for staying at the resort, which I believe should be more than just a few dollar discount. Thankfully it wasn't very busy since it was so small of a place. The paperwork we received from the resort started the waterpark opened in the morning, but when we went at 2pm they told us that Subway and their little marketplace store was open, but the waterpark did not open until 4pm. When I looked online, it still showed it opened earlier. The workers were very nice and the place was VERY clean.
Written 21 October 2019
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Sault Ste. Marie, Canada6 contributions
An Okay Place For Young Families
Oct 2019 • Couples
I read some good reviews of this place and we were at Fox River Resort so my husband and I decided to try Pirate's Cay. It was a big disappointment
The facilities, showers and change rooms, were clean and up to date but we were in for a disappointment when we entered the water park. There is a short lazy river which lost it's appeal after 5 minutes. Then we tried the slides (okay, but nothing special) then we ran out of things to do. There is no pool and the slides were not enough to hold our attention. 2 stars.
Written 9 October 2019
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1 contribution
Should offer more for the price
Jun 2019 • Family
This water park doesn’t have much for what they charge. 4 slides and a lazy river and a small toddler play area that my 3 year old got bored with. Not worth the 70.00 we paid. Looked bigger in the photos but once you get there you see how very small it is.
Written 4 July 2019
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Portage, IN76 contributions
Had a blast!
Apr 2019 • Family
We visited the water park while staying at the Fox River Resort. The kids and I (ages 9, 11, 17, and 40) had a blast! There were always tubes available for us to use and we didn't wait more than a minute or two by the time we made it back up the stairs for the slides. The only negative was the lazy river. Since there wasn't a pool to swim/wade, anyone and everyone was allowed to be in the lazy river without a tube running and swimming and play fighting while the rest of us were in our tubes trying to enjoy the lazy river. I do not expect peace and quiet at a water park, but there were so many people without tubes allowed in we could barely float without getting bottlenecked and not moving and kicked and pushed by rude kids/teens trying to get through to fight/race their friends.
Written 22 April 2019
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88 contributions
They have to find a system to accommodate guest!
Mar 2019 • Family
During peek season, this is a bad place to come and visit. it operates on a first come first basis and because of this, they can not accommodate many guest. The recommendation here would be to adopt the the same system most ski resort utilize. Customers will by time (3 hour shifts - with ability to buy more time) so that you can rotate other guest in to the facility. We drove out to the middle of nowhere, got to the water park right before it opened, only stand stand in a line to be told they were at capacity and they would call us back.
Written 1 April 2019
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1 contribution
So dysfunctional
Mar 2019 • Family
There are no pools to swim in- only slides and a lazy River. But you'll wait @least 30 minutes to get in and 45 for any type of food. Unless you are forced to be here, go somewhere else. They do not have it together here.
Written 29 March 2019
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Donahue, IA22 contributions
What’s left of spring break.
Mar 2019 • Family
Since this is March it kind of cold outside. With that I didn’t expect to do a lot of outside activities. This is our first time here also. As a Resort it’s very spacious and in the summer time it looks like there would be a lot more to do. You are kind of in the middle of know where out. They do have activities but are limited due to weather. Most activities are held at the registration office which you have to walk to or drive to.
The water park is really geared towards younger kinds. No pool to relax in or swim in for adults however, there is a indoor Olympic size pool across the parking lot to use also. Both pools are warm so that’s a plus. The staff as far as I’m concerned are very pleasant. The lazy river area was very clean. We stayed at the resort however if I was to do it again I would just make a day of it. We only live an 1 1/2 hrs away or I would look for an outside hotel off property. But like I said it has a lot more to do in the summer so it would be a different experience.
Written 16 March 2019
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Syracuse, Italy100 contributions
Really overpriced!
Feb 2019 • Family
The entire facility consists of only a small lazy river and four small slides for children's. There isn't even a pool in which to swim. Lastly, be careful we all left with minor abrasions. It would be nice as a free water play area connected to the hotel, but definitely not worth what they charge. Last but not least rude ticketing staff.
Written 25 February 2019
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Fred K
Montgomery, TX14 contributions
Honor your Website
Aug 2018 • Family
We are presently here at Holiday Inn Fox River's Pirate's Cay Water Park for or second visit. We are staying in the resort for a week with our grand kids. Every thing was going fine until today when we went up to the cashier to pay our admission. Due to the fact that this was our second visit they advertised on their website that would we would be given a discount of $5.00 and change per person which is not significant but it is the principle of the entire situation. Upon arriving at the cashier we were told that since we did not return within 2 days she could not honor the discount therefore charged us the full price. If the grand kids weren't set on coming I would of walked out. No where on their website or resort information was that stated. The cashier was not very sympathetic or apologetic of the situation. I did venture out to find the manager but could not locate him. The cashier did finally located us and made good of the discount but the damage was already done. We will not return to Fox River or Pirate's Cay after today.
Written 15 August 2018
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