Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Orlando: Address, Phone Number, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park Reviews: 4.5/5

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park
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Encounter exotic animals and exciting adventures at Disney's Animal Kingdom park, one of the largest animal theme parks in the world. Home to more than 2,000 animals across 300 unique species, the park reflects Walt Disney’s dedication to conservation and is committed to animal care, education and research. Explore 7 enthralling lands: Oasis, Discovery Island, Pandora - The World of Avatar, Africa, Rafiki's Planet Watch, Asia and DinoLand, U.S.A.
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Midland, MI3,112 contributions
May 2022
On May 2nd 2022, my family and I had a full day visit to AK. Our previous visits were in 2014 and 2019. Even though we still enjoyed the park and some of its attractions, this last visit was not as satisfying as previous ones.

This time, the Safari was something of a disappointment. We arrived early in the morning and we tried to take the Safari first, to our surprise it was not operating, by the time it was operational again, around 11am, there were very few animal visible or active.

Another disappointment was the Maharaja Jungle trail. No tigers, buffaloes or deer, very few birds, and just a single giant bat resting very high up on a branch and almost impossible to observe. In other words, "very empty". The Kite Trails show is the only new attraction we found at AK, and unfortunately is not as interesting as we thought. On the day of our visit, there were very few people at this show.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the Avatar Flight of Passage ride, but we had to pay ILLs. Otherwise the 90 min standby lines would have been too much for us. Back in 2019 we took the Navi River ride. This was not really as good as the flight of passage. Also, and for the first time, we went through the Rapids boat ride, and enjoyed once more "Dinosaur Trek".

In terms of wildlife, I must say that the Gorilla Trail was the star of the park for us. We enjoyed all the animal species, and we noticed the addition of Hipos to some ponds. Also, and particularly for me, it was a great pleasure to watch again, "It is Tough to be a Bug".

By the end of the day, somewhat tired and hungry, we headed to the Tusker House for a character dinner. This was great, and almost made the park visit worth it. Now, you can closely interact with Donald, Goofy, Mickey, and the rest. The food was very good. If you want to learn some other details, take a look at my review below;


A summary of recommendation on this park will be as follows; If you are time - limited, and can only visit 2-3 parks, skip AK for another time. Arrive early and try to take the Safari, hopefully it will be operating. Do not get Genie+ for AK, you can just easily walk into most attractions. If it is a "must do", pay for the ILLs to ride Avatar Flight of passage. If you are interested, can book it, have a character meal at Tusker House.
Written 18 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Luis Robledo
San Luis Potosi, Mexico22 contributions
Mar 2022
Pandora was great, but asia, africa and dinoland are also great, you may think this is the lowest of the parks, but its just so much fun, the everest ride is my favorite
Written 17 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

New England342 contributions
Apr 2022
I think wife and teen possibly liked this park the best of the four and maybe me too. There's just something about animals. It was also arguably the best for food. Somewhat more creative and healthy food. The Avatar world is awesome in the morning or night. The line is super long, but that first time you're in it, if it's not too hot it's pretty fun, especially if you're not in a rush.
Written 17 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

North Huntingdon, PA770 contributions
May 2022 • Family
We thoroughly enjoyed Disney’s Animal Kingdom, one of the best family amusement park experiences we have ever been to. Is it an amusement park? Yes. Is it a zoo? No. Does it have an amazing variety of animals to see and learn about? Yes. The park is a hybrid with the best of both worlds. The rides are fantastic! Don’t miss Flights of Passage, the Avatar ride. It’s definitely worth the wait. The food has gotten better here with more choices. Also, like all Disney parks, the theming is amazing and the park is immaculate. Don’t miss Animal Kingdom, you won’t be disappointed!
Written 14 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Miriam F
7 contributions
May 2022
Great place. Lots of animals, shows and tours to see the animals. Take the Safari ride, it's great! Bird show is super!
Written 13 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Kristen S
1 contribution
May 2022 • Friends
Animal Kingdom was more of a glorified zoo. The Avatar rides had horrendous wait times (60-115 mins, on a weekday) and couldn’t help but feel like it was a waste of time. The flight of passage had horrible 3D effect and could see all of the other guests on the ride if you turned your head left or right and the 3D itself was very blurry. The river ride was like 1mph float that offered nothing, maybe cool for very small under 6yr old children.

Same 4 options at every food stop/restaurant for drinks and no refillable cups. Didnt see a single character and overall ambiance was disappointing. For total cost to visit I would skip this park.

For reference we were a group of 4 adults who wanted a nostalgia tour and Disney magic. We went to Disney World (animal kingdom, hollywood studios and magical kingdom) and got the genie plus (the app experience was horrible and lightning lanes only every 2hrs what a waste)

Overall, Disney has lost its magic and care more about nickel and diming guests but offer little to nothing in experience.

We would skip Animal Kingdom IF we ever return
Written 13 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Accokeek, MD13 contributions
May 2022 • Friends
This park was not worth the money. If you want to see animals the zoo would be much better and more economical! I saw 12 animals total. The exhibits had one, two, or zero animals in them. Lots of walking. The food was great but, the shopping was not
Written 11 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Carnoustie, UK66 contributions
May 2022
Firstly…beware! There’s still no trolley service from the car parks. 95 degrees and it’s a brutal walk…even for the fittest. The Festival of the Lion King is a shadow of its former self…no gymnastics, acrobats etc. Lots of the shows stop around 5ish so there is little left to do…unless you fancy a 90 minute plus wait in line for Avatar. Few animals to be seen unless you go on the safari…at least an hour wait in hot temperatures. Disney…you’ve lost us as annual pass holders. After 25 years we have seen the best of it….but this tired old business isn’t worth it any more. Get rid of the expensive tacky merchandise, bring in better food, and teach your staff to genuinely smile. I fear that it is all too late. I predict that by 2024 the Disney lovers will have left in droves!
Written 11 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Melbourne, Australia8 contributions
May 2022
If you are going to Disney World in Orlando, you will have to use the Disney Experience app. Having just finished three days of park hopping, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with this app.

Hands down, the Disney app is THE MOST CLUNKY AND UNITUITIVE app that I have ever used. Strong statement indeed, but here are a couple of examples of the app’s clunkiness:

Let’s say that you have a reservation for Animal Kingdom in the morning. You have a park hopper ticket, and you want to hop over to Hollywood Studios in the afternoon. The app will default ALL day to Animal Kingdom so every time you go to use the app while you are in Hollywood Studios you must manually change the park from Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios on the app. This is not accomplished though a simple click of the button (like every other app in the world!). You will need to navigate through several screens and then find the small print to change parks. Trust me, you’ll be good at it after a while!

While in Hollywood Studios we wanted to see a night-time light, show called Fantasmic. We had seen signs that it was returning in 2022 but did not know if it was playing the night that we were there. We searched Fantasmic in the app to see if it was playing. There is a Fantasmic page on the app that describes the show but nothing, NADDA, on if it was showing that night or not! Don’t fret – Disney app to the rescue. Under Fireworks and Night-time Entertainment there was a blurb that Fantasmic was unavailable. I discovered this by accident as I was looking on the app for any firework shows that night. Under Fireworks and Night-time Entertainment, the app said that Fantasmic and another night-time show were unavailable with no further information on fireworks. So, at the end of the night, we headed to the two-hour line at the Tower of Terror. We heard the fireworks go off and saw glimpses of them through the trees while we were standing in line. BTW – the only reason I knew that Fantasmic was not playing was because when I discovered the information was not available on Fantasmic’s page, I looked it up on the internet outside of the app which told me that the show was scheduled to return in late May 2022 (hmmm…do you reckon that would have been useful information on the app Disney???).

I literally have a dozen or more examples of how unimaginably poorly designed and unfunctional this app is, but I need the remainder of my review to inform you that the app doesn’t even work ALOT of the time. For example, we wanted to purchase Lightening Lane (LL) on our final day. That morning we got up early to make the purchase on the app and make our first LL ride selection at 7 a.m. before the park opened. I pushed the button to purchase LL and…NOTHING. I pushed again and again to no avail. I turned my phone off and tried again to no avail. I called out to my partner, “darling can you please make the purchase on your app”. She fired up the app on her phone and while she could purchase one LL pass for me, there was no option to purchase a pass for her! After a brief discussion of me zipping through lines while she waited, I came up with the idea of going into the Tip Board where you make the LL ride selection and BAM, I had the option to purchase an LL pass for me and my partner. I clicked away, got the passes into my cart, went to the check-out and put in my payment details and was told the payment was unsuccessful because my contact details were wrong. Checked my details and they were correct, so I tried to complete the purchase again with the same unsuccessful result. The only option left to us was to purchase the LL pass in person when we got to the park, but we lost the early opportunity meaning we could not take advantage of LL until three hours after we arrived at the park. This is actually HUGE, because LL is really only useful during first two or three purchase opportunities, after that the good rides can’t be accessed through LL. Anyways, around lunchtime I purchased an LL pass for a ride in Hollywood Studios at 5:30p. We zipped through the line to board a car and the ride broke down. No problems, the attendant credited us with a new LL and told us we could use it when the ride was running. Except, when the ride was fixed shortly afterward, there were no LL selections available. In fact, there was no LL ride availability my last three opportunities to purchase. Again, this is one of many, many examples of the app simply not working and, in this case, ensuring that we got the least amount of benefit from our LL purchase!

Don’t get me wrong. We enjoyed our Disney experience, but we did so IN SPITE OF THE APP!

Here’s my advice to those about to embark on the scariest Disney experience – the Disney app.

There is no easy way to navigate in the app so you must download the app and play with it. Watch tutorials and make and carry a cheat sheet. This will take hours of preparation but will be worth the effort.

Lower your expectations of the app and then lower them some more from there. Even if you do everything right, the app will simply not work and let you down.

Make use of the brilliant Guest Services staff under the blue umbrellas in the park. They are far and away more reliable than the app. BTW – they will secretly and quietly tell you that they think the app sucks as well.

Don’t use the app as much as you can get away with. We came across a staff member who encouraged us to use the mobile checkout in the app for our purchase. We simply made the sign of the cross and threw some garlic at her and got away as quickly as possible.

I hope that this helps, and you enjoy your Disney experience!
Written 10 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Los Angeles, CA146 contributions
Apr 2022
I absolutely loved this park! It's so beautiful and different from the two Disney parks I'm used to in Southern California. It's basically a zoo, Disney park, and giant adult playground with drinks all combined into one. I'm not much into rides, though. Everest left me with vertigo for several hours, think twice about that one if you are sensitive to fast and crazy rides. Avatar made me only slightly dizzy, but that's probably because I was still under the effect of Everest. My favorite one was the safari, we did it twice-- early in the day and on the last trip to get to see the lions. This park has majestic sights, including the iconic Tree of Life and the Avatar world. I really enjoyed the kite show featuring The Lion King, but would have loved it if they included Scar in the performance. Overall an amazing day here at Disney!
Written 7 May 2022
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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