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If you are looking for a Private Transportation and Tour operator specializing in Jamaica's rich culture, history and natural attractions. I operate from the Ocho Rios/Runaway Bay area and do customized tours throughout my island. If you are not sure of what you would like to see, I will create something suitable for you. Come experience the "real" Jamaica. I also do pickups and drop offs (Airport Transfers) to both international airports on the island.
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161 reviews
Very good

Eden, NY20 contributions
Apr 2019 • Family
After reading many 5 star reviews on trip advisor, and emails back and forth planning our stops, we chose Glen and Jamaica Xplored for our outing while in Ocho Rios last week.

Glen is a very friendly guy, easy going and engaged our kids in conversation and history lessons about his island. Beer, ginger beer, water and banana chips were provided as our snack. Personality wise, Glen was great.

My complaint is, that when we chose the Blue Hole I expected to go to the REAL Blue
Hole that we saw pictures of on Trip Advisor and watched videos on YouTube of...where there would be multiple places to Jump and a waterfall to go underneath. This was NOT the Blue Hole we were taken to. The place Glen took us was very small with only 2 spots to jump and both spots were identical just from a different rock. Very disappointing and not worth the money when watching and comparing videos from the REAL Blue Hole.

After 2 jumps each, we left and it was a downpour. So Glen took us to one of our planned stops, Margaritaville. It was very nice there, their beach area had lots of sea shells and the kids enjoyed jumping on the trampolines out in the ocean, despite the rain. It was nice to get away from the standard
Hotel buffets.

Glen picked us up from Margaritaville and took us to our next planned stop of Konoko Falls. It was after 2pm when we arrived, which I thought was fine until we were rushed thru our tour. We were told the snake was put away for the day so the kids couldn’t hold the snake...which they wanted to, and we weren’t able to climb the falls as it was “late and there were no guides”. The whole time we were there it felt as if they just wanted to close for the day.

Overall, I don’t feel we got our money’s
Worth for our trip with Glen and I am still disappointed we were not taken to the Real Blue Hole Location.

I feel we would have been better off going thru the hotel and purchasing a real tour.
Written 17 April 2019
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Molly H
Delaware, OH18 contributions
Mar 2019 • Family
Glen was one of the best parts of our day excursion in Ocho Rios! He picked us up at the port and took us directly to Blue Hole and had drinks and local snacks ready when we got in the car. He was fantastic with showing us the island, telling us about the history and took us around many local areas that we don't feel we would have gotten with a large excursion - such as driving through Fern Gully, explaining the school system to our kids, showing us local trees with different fruit and so much more. While we were at Blue Hole he even took many great pictures and videos with my phone so we could all enjoy our experience. All was included with our price - drinks in the car, entrance fees and lunch at a fantastic local place - Scotchies! When we arrived for lunch he got us a table, brought us beer and soda and then brought us a great variety from the menu so we didn't have to stand in any lines and then sat and enjoyed lunch with us. Our kids all agreed that he was the best tour guide we will ever have! Cannot recommend him enough!
Written 1 April 2019
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Roy S
Stourport on Severn, UK257 contributions
Mar 2019 • Couples
We wanted to visit places to get a taste of Jamaican wildlife, nature, plantation and food.
Over a couple of email exchanges, and a few questions from Glen, he came up with a full day itinerary that seemed to cover what we were looking for.
What a great day - and Glen's commentaries throughout were informative and humerous. His vehicle seats at least 7 and he provided water and Red Stripe in a cooler.
Glen is the soul of Jamaica and we cannot praise him highly enough. He made a potentially interesting day a wonderful day.
Everywhere we went he took care of us.
He likes to come across as a bit of a lad (which he is!!) but he is also a true gent who takes great care of his customers.
We visited: Jamaica Swamp Safari, Fire Water, Scotchies, Sun Valley Plantation and Noel Coward's home FireFly (which was previously Captain Morgan's home).
The fee he charged included all drinks, food ans entrance fees.
It was also a very full day from 08:00 until around 19:00
Super value for money.
If there are any James Bond fans out there ~Glen knows the lot - including where specific scenes were filmed.
Absolutely first class day.
Short trip, half day or full day - Glen will provide it.
Written 14 March 2019
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East Sussex, UK5 contributions
Mar 2019 • Couples
Myself and my family spent the day with Glen. My Dad had been communicating with Glen to arrange a day full of special moments for my Mom, who was returning back home to Jamaica for a holiday. Excellent correspondence with great advice and information.
As for the day itself we could not have asked for a more perfect guy. This gent has character, humour, a phenomenal amount of general knowledge and of course knowledge about Jamaica. He genuinely cares about making your day the best experience that he can and clearly spends a lot of time planning your day/trips.
Following a request from my Dad, Glen created a special moment that genuinely meant the world to my Mom, i cannot thank him enough.
Nuff respect
I have no hesitations in highly recommending Glen.
Marcus Garvey :)
Written 7 March 2019
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Valley Forge, PA15 contributions
Feb 2019
My family of 5 (wife and 3 kids) traveled to Jamaica in mid-February. Based on prior experiences with the big tourist bus tours, we knew that a private, customized trip was the way to go. I found Jamaica Xplored on TripAdvisor and, based on his positive reviews and his thoughtful responses to my emailed questions, we booked two trips with Glen.
Our first trip was a full-day affair that included stops at Sun Valley Plantation, James Bond Beach, and Blue Hole. On another day we drove to Dunn's River Falls where we hiked up the falls. I won't bore you with nitty details for these destinations (you can read reviews on TripAdvisor), but will say that we had a blast driving with Glen.
Whether learning the history and culture of the island, hearing his many stories and personal insights, or simply kicking back listening to music, this customized tour is the way to go. I would have felt safe traveling with Glen to any part of the island.

Glen is friendly, flexible, honest and fair. If you have any doubts about booking Jamaica Xplored, I'd like to share something from our experience. My son left his sneakers behind at James Bond Beach. Later we received an email from Glen stating that a bag was waiting for us at the guest relations desk of our hotel (Moon Palace). Glen had returned to the beach, located my son's sneakers at lost & found, and delivered to our hotel. This is a tribute to his sens of high character and responsibility. You simply will not receive the same level of personal attention or comfort from any mega bus tour. Go with Glen!

Nuf Respec in return,
Darrin, Debby and Josh, Nathan, Adina
Written 6 March 2019
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vincent m
1 contribution
Feb 2019 • Couples
- Glen was an exceptional guide. If you are doubting, don't. I doubt you'll find many like him.
- Glen will customize his trips to suit your needs and does so exceptionally well.
- Glen keeps you safe. We weren't scared at any point during our travel which helped us to see the beauty of the island and its people.
- Even though it may seem relatively expensive. It is not at all. Glen takes you on a real tour, with plenty of activities and an eye for detail. Given the amount of activities it is actually quite competitive and I even dare say that what he delivers is priceless.
- If you like music, you'll like Glen. He gave us a short history of Jamaican music and connected it to Jamaican history in many ways.

Long version
We wrote an email to Glen before we left. We were not sure what to ask for so he provided us with a proposal. We finally went with his proposal for a half a day tour.

After our arrival to our hotel, we took various tours through different providers. Although those experiences were great, we felt we were fed a touristy version of Jamaica with everything in a rush. Even before we did our first tour with Glen, we wrote him for another tour because he just gave a very different vibe.

Day 1
The first day Glen picked us up at our hotel and we went to Bob Marley's home town. All along the way, Glen told us lots of interesting things. On our road, way high into the mountains, we crossed small mountain villages and a variety of amazing landscapes. Glen provided drinks and stories for our travel.

After a tour of Bob Marley's house we went down to a small settlement to experience fire water. This was water with sulphur that would burn if lighted on fire. We took a little bath and experienced the fire from up close. Even as interesting was the area it was in. The small humble settlement provided an impressive contrast to the touristy areas and cities.

At the end of the tour, Glen took us out for a lunch where he let us taste various Jamaican foods.

Day 2
The second day we went to Port Antonio. Glen went all out and crafted an unforgettable experience. He provided us with several different local snacks that he seemed to time perfectly to the environment (i.e. some banana snacks next to a banana plantation). We stopped for some fresh coconut water and jelly at a small road vendor along the way (which was absolutetaly delicious by the way). All the way he showed us interesting sites, explained where some famous movies were shot and told some great stories.

On our way, we stopped at a waterfall and took a dive in crystal clear water. There was some heavy rain, which actually made the blue water and foresty area even more beautiful.

Once we arrived to Port Antonio, Glen got us some local ice cream. We took a walk through the idyllic town. It was beautiful and peaceful.

Our next stop was the blue lagoon. We took a boat ride through the clear blue lagoon, went past monkey island and spotted a sea turtle and some rays. The rain had come back by now, but we didn't care at all. Soaking wet, we jumped back in the car and drove to our lunch destination.

Glen picked a wonderful local restaurant overseeing the sea. He ordered us another local dish with rice and beans with chicken.

On the way to our final destination we stopped at a small bar next to the road. Glen ordered us some drinks. A rum with juice for me and him and a ginger wine for my girlfriend. He'd remembered she didn't like most types of alcohol and thought of this sweet drink for her, which she absolutely loved. it was very interesting to have a little peek into local life.

Our final destination was the Rio Grande. We took a scenic trip down the river on a bamboo raft. It was beautiful and extremely tranquil.

After this we head back to our hotel. Glen took us back safely and even helped me pick a nice rum for my father's birthday. We had a great time and we're still not completely sure whether it was all just our imagination.

Respec Glen!
Written 10 February 2019
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Amber C
Salem, MO36 contributions
Dec 2018 • Couples
Thank you, Glen for another fantastic trip! Glen is the best! He always has cold drinks ready! He knows all the best places and knows when to get you there when it isn’t as busy! Glen we will see you again! Much respec!
Written 15 December 2018
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7 contributions
Aug 2018 • Couples
Our tours with Glen Garwood on Jamaica Xplored Xceeded our Xpectations! I asked for a 007 tour and was not disappointed. Not only did he guide us thru 007 spots, but also provided additional "slices" of Jamaica at no extra cost. Glen knows Jamaica on so many levels. I just can't say enough about how wonderful our tours were. Details also included Jamaican music, food, and drink for an all inclusive event. Truly a fantastic Xperience!!
Written 6 August 2018
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Conny B
Lokeren, Belgium53 contributions
Jul 2018 • Family
We (group of 4) made 3 full-day trips with Glenn from Jamaica Xplored.
All 3 were planned and fitted to our interest perfectly !
Price is very reasonable, and all fees are included so you have no worries :)
Glenn is an experienced guide and driver and I would highly recommend him !

First trip was from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay and Negril.
Glenn took us to Dead end's beach, a local beach in Montego Bay just at the airport.
You can swim under the landing planes, a great experience !
We went for Lunch to MargarittaVille (Seven Mile Beach) en at sunset we went to Rick's Café

Second trip was to Kingston and the Blue Mountains, were we visited the Craighton Estate and got a private tour.

Thirt trip was from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio.
We made stops at James Bond Beach, Blue Lagoon, Sommerset Falls and Frenchman's Cove
Written 23 July 2018
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Aquileia, Italy1 contribution
Jun 2018 • Couples
Jamaica is Glen's island. He is personable and informative and all of the normal things. If you're looking for that, I think you will be very happy. It goes deeper, though. If you read a bit about rastafari first you may see something special in this guy. What is the difference between "we" and "me"? Glen is Jamaica. Check out the James Bond movies filmed in Jamaica, too: Glen loves to show where the scenes were filmed. He was in a few of the movies, of course. Tell him what type of picture you want and he will know where to go, too.

I feel like I know someone who I can trust and who wants to share his island with me. I learned only as much as a few hours in a van can get you. Definitely let him show you the ways the island can appeal to your senses: tastes; smells; sights; sounds; everything. We didn't make it through everything he tried to show us -- not enough time! Big Respect to Glen Garwood!
Written 4 July 2018
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