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“Short and smooth flight” 20/05/2018

“Nicely uneventful” 16/05/2018


“I use to fly with the company every year ones or twaice. Istead of other alines.” 21/05/2018

“Up there with the best !!” 21/05/2018

“Twin prop” 21/05/2018

“Good airline for domestic travel within Mongolia” 19/03/2018

“Fantastic Service - Great Staff: 7Air / AeroVIP” 09/03/2018

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 11/09/2017

“Great airline ” 21/05/2018

“A really good experience” 21/05/2018

“Dumped at a different airport than our destination.” 31/01/2018

“The worst customer service ever!” 19/12/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 22/06/2017

“A calm flight to south” 21/05/2018

“Not without difficulty!” 21/05/2018

“Great Discount Airline” 08/05/2018

“If you are okay with flying with big propellers” 09/04/2018

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