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“Mr.K.F.Dugdale” 12/11/2018

“Visiting from Brisbane” 10/11/2018

“great as always” 14/11/2018

“Double standard” 14/11/2018

“Flying high” 13/11/2018

“Fantastic service” 13/11/2018

“Most awful company in the world” 22/10/2018

“Aside from Delayed, Things Are Happiness” 16/08/2018

“Аэрофлот против детей и постоянных клиентов” 14/11/2018

“Flight was really good! Registration stuff in New York have to go....” 11/11/2018

“Grubby Airline; Unfriendly Staff” 26/08/2018

“Dumped at a different airport than our destination.” 31/01/2018

“small but reliable airline” 08/08/2018

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 22/06/2017

“Nice Airline, New 737 Planes, but no food service” 12/11/2018

“Better than any other” 11/11/2018

“Awesome” 10/11/2018

“Great Customer Service (In-person)” 07/11/2018

“Gate Agents and Pilots of Aeromexico Apathetic to Passenger's Well-being” 13/11/2018

“Pleasant and courteous staff.” 13/11/2018

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